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Whatever your design background, you’ll own a portfolio brimming with enviable design that demonstrates confident composition and a flair for colour.
You will need to develop your own design directions to contribute to, and inspire the team, and produce artwork across a range of areas; character, florals, geometrics, strong hand drawn typography and fine illustration.
Applicants must have a comprehensive knowledge of Illustrator & Photoshop and be able to apply graphic trends and techniques to artwork.
The position is for full/ part time, possibly working from home or based in our Northampton studio. Freelance submissions are also welcomed, however, please specify which you're interested in on your email. If you think your artwork would suit our studio style and aesthetic, we're waiting to hear from you!
Applicants can apply to and must include a pdf showing examples of their work, along with a CV/ detail of relevant design experience.
We may not be able to reply to all submissions, but successful candidates will be contacted and invited to the studio for an interview.
Salary is dependant on experience and closing date for all submissions is 31st January 2015.

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