Friday, January 29, 2010

Freelance knit and crochet designers

Freelance knit and crochet designers wanted.
"Corio Studio is a textile design studio/agency based in London, established in 1989 and representing over 30 selected freelance designers.
In addition to our print line, we sell original hand and machine knit swatches to a wide range of clients in USA, Japan and Europe, selling mostly to womenswear companies. We are currently looking for experienced freelance knit and crochet designers with an excellent colour sense, contemporary style and strong technical skills who are able to produce knit swatches along the lines of the ones featured here on a regular basis. We are particularly keen to work with more fine gauge machine freelance designers.
Knit students also welcome to apply.
Please e-mail 3-4 j-pegs of your work and cv to